Running Gear

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The running gear shows a great simplicity ensuring reliability. Two strong adjustable brackets hold the axle at the most favourable position regarding weight balance. They can be adjusted according to the size of the wheels and the hitching height.

The Trans-EX tipping trailers are fitted with brakes in accordance with the legal requirements: parking brake and mechanical (hydraulic in option) road brakes on the 3 T and 4 T and hydraulic road brakes on the 5 T and 6 T. Air brakes are also available in option.

The standard wheels are adapted to the multi-purpose character expected from this type of vehicle. Nevertheless, JOSKIN proposes a wide choice of tyres in order to meet a wide variety of needs. You can choose tyres that are max. 50 cm wide and 460 to 1.080 mm high.

Here are some examples of profiles:

Equipment available