Monocoque body

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The BETIMAX RDS is supported by a tubular chassis. The chassis and the 4 mm thick side plates form a fixed one-piece body which is 120 cm high. All these elements combined ensure a solid and watertight construction.

The upperside walls are bolted to the posts that are fixed into the body.
The BETIMAX is standard fitted with arches improving the stiffness of the body. These arches allow to use, in option, a protective cover on the livestock trailer.
To remind you, the whole BETIMAX is fully galvanized. This surface treatment offers an optimal protection of the steel against the effect of faeces.

Easy to load

The BETIMAX is fitted with the reclining system. The axle(s) is/are mounted on hydraulic cylinders allowing to lay the trailer down on the ground. The loading and unloading height is therefore limited to 14 cm while the transport height amounts to 63 cm.

Each cylinder is fitted with a safety device preventing the vehicle from falling down if hydraulic hoses come to break: a check valve on single axle and a safety valve with nitrogen ball on double axle. Owing to the safety valve, the oil is still able to flow from one suspension cylinder to the other while the nitrogen ball prevents it from hammering as much as possible.

This reclining system replaces the access ramp, so that no operation is required from the user and the accident risks are limited when loading or unloading the cattle.

The new Betimax R livestock trailer is different from the reclining version by the use of a ramp. This ramp is designed to have a very slight loading and unloading angle in order to reduce the risks when handling livestock. The steps to access the ramp and between the ramp and the body are limited to a few centimeters only. Thanks to treated wood with slats of limited height, the livestock avoid gliding or tripping. A galvanized steel frame supports the whole vehicle and assures a stable and rigid loading platform.