Strong triangular structure

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A triangular structure, which is made up of two side tubes and an upper one, makes the machine highly stable. Furthermore, the intersection point of the tubes prevents the transmission shaft from bending.

A double-acting cylinder adjusts the tilting angle (max. 45°) of the mixer. The maximum screw rotation speed is 1000 rpm for short working times. On the contrary, in the event of longer working times, this speed must be kept between 540 and 800 rpm.

The Jumbomixer is standard fitted with a reinforced P.T.O.-shaft in star-shaped tube with 1 ¾’’ shaft and shear bolt. A power of 100 HP minimum is required. The total length is 7 m and the weight 450 kg.

The Jumbomixer is primarily used for lagoons over 1.000 m3.

Equipment available