The JOSKIN Group proves once again its willingness to efficiently meet the market demand and in this way satisfy as many people as possible!

JOSKIN is indeed adding to its already very large range of spreading tools a new line spreading boom based on the Penditwist model: the Pendislide.

The Pendislide is a line spreading boom whose particularity is to be fitted with Ertalon applicators allowing the slurry to be applied more precisely on fields of growing plants, without dirtying them. Spring leaves allow to keep the applicators on the ground, ensuring in this way a continuous contact with it. The whole Pendislide range is also fitted with the patented JOSKIN SCALPER macerator, whose efficiency depends on the blades and counterblades in HARDOX steel. The boom is unfolded thanks to two double-acting cylinders. The TWIST anti-drip system, allowing to avoid slurry losses during transportation on roads, is also part of the standard equipment.

Nowadays, the PENDISLIDE is available with working widths of 9, 12 and 15 m.

For a peaceful use and application, the original equipment also includes an "anti-crash" system allowing to lift the outer parts of the boom by approx. 80 cm in order to avoid possible obstacles.

The JOSKIN Pendislide can from now on be mounted on all JOSKIN tankers fitted with a pre-equipment for rear tool.