The Belgian company JOSKIN, specialized in agricultural transport trailers as well as in muck and slurry spreaders, also completes its transportation programme with bale trailers and low loaders.

Since transporting bales plays an ever more important role, especially last year when straw prices exploded, Joskin wanted to propose a transport trailer for straw bales and bales in general. However, it was important to allow the most multifunctional use possible because the users' demand is not only limited to the transport of straw bales. These trailers are also regularly used to transport pallets, bags, etc.

Three product lines were born under the name "Wago":
• Single or double-axle bale trailer with fixed drawbar
• Double or triple-axle bale trailer with turntable
• Double or triple-axle multifunctional low loader with loading ramps.

The particularity of this vehicle is its chassis. Unlike on usual vehicles, Joskin used high tensile steel. Therefore, it is almost unnecessary to use longitudinal and side reinforcements. This high-quality steel increases in this way the resistance of the vehicle and highly reduces the empty weight of the trailers.

The Wago with fixed drawbar is available with the following platform dimensions: 6,8 or 10m long and 2,40m wide. On these vehicles, the length can also be increased by 1100mm at the back. In this way, an optimal loading surface can be defined and it therefore improves the load safety and the possibilities to fasten the load with straps.

The different Wago models are available with different dimensions to transport loads from 6 to 20t. They are standard fitted with half-rounded ladders of 1000mm high (+ 800mm with extra extensions available in option) and are perfectly suited to transport round bales. On request, they can be replaced by 1800mm straight ladders. They can furthermore be completely demounted. For the Wago low loaders, the ladders are replaced by loading ramps of 2,50x0,70m with hydraulic control. These ramps are especially long so as to have a light slope when loading. The loading or unloading stability, as well as the drawbar locking, is ensured by hydraulic or manual telescopic supporting stands (option) at the back of the vehicle.

The bottom plate of the different bale trailers is made of quality high tensile steel which lays 4cm lower than the sides. The heart of the trailer is made of a painted antislippery checquered plate of 2-3mm thick with limited wear which can be replaced, in option, by smooth steel. The vehicle can be either painted or galvanized (option). On the Wago low loaders, the bottom plate can also be made of interchangeable wood of 40mm thick.

The single-axle Wago, standard with fixed drawbar, is best suited for transportation at up to 25km/h. The double-axle vehicles with tandem running gear (with parabolic suspension leaves) are designed for longer journeys at 40km/h. The drawbar can be suspended in option on the three sizes of vehicles.

Regarding tyres, it is possible to mount wheels up to 1080mm of diameter and 540 wide. The road tires 385/65R22.5 or 445/45R19.5 will nevertheless remain the most current models.