Expert Days on 22nd and 23rd February 2017 in Trzcianka


After several years of crisis, the agricultural sector is finally heading for better days.

In order to get ready for this recovery, JOSKIN Polska organized two « Expert Days » where every Polish dealer was invited.

The participants had the opportunity to discover the JOSKIN range, the innovations and the procedures in place to guarantee an impeccable after-sales service.

The rythm of the program was assiduous: after the formal reception, the Polish sales team presented the changes implemented at JOSKIN Polska in order to meet the needs of its partners.

Thereafter, latest developments have been exposed e.i. the Delta-CAP 5025/17DR140 and 5025/19DR160 tipping trailers, the Tornado3 Horizon muck spreader, the Volumetra tanker with vacuum pump (rewarded at the SIMA 2017 as Machine of the Year), the new Terraflex with 37,5 cm tine spacing and Solodisc XXL injectors with 18,5cm disc spacing, the Betimax RDS-P livestock trailer and many other machine from the wide JOSKIN range.

Finally the participants got the opportunity to discover the updates concerning the after-sales service and marketing.

The large number of participating dealers appreciated the professionalism and dynamism of the JOSKIN Polska team. In view of the JOSKIN innovation policy, the width of its range and services, this was only a first step in the technical and commercial development of the network.