New JOSKIN website


New JOSKIN website
New JOSKIN website

JOSKIN is pleased to present its new completely redesigned website, promising a comfortable browsing experience and captivating reading.

The purpose is to optimize both the user-friendliness and the relevance of the content, in order to access a maximum of information on products events and of course the latest JOSKIN news.

The different models and specificities of the machines are easily comparable in detail with more dynamism and a minimum of clicks. Thus, the user will be able to choose and make decision in full knowledge through the different animations, videos and pictures, available regardless of the browser.

Navigation on all supports (computer, tablet, smartphone, smart-TV) is optimized and fluid, thanks to the loading of images automatically adapted to the screen size. The main advantage being to reduce the possible data consumption.

The multimedia library, very complete too thanks to a large catalog of brochures, videos and high quality photos, is regularly updated. It can be consulted in the 7 languages used by JOSKIN (English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Spanish) and offers customized content according to language choice. In addition, web pages are available in Italian, Danish, Greek, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean and Farsi!

JOSKIN attaches great importance with regard to its customers, fans and dealers and strives to make the communication as fluid and transparent as possible.

The JOSKIN Facebook page also has a great success: it just reached 80,000 fans! A practical support to learn about new products, videos and events, as well as the JOSKIN news.