Mr. Tadeusz Kotlarski, pig farmer Łowicz (Poland)


Mr. Tadeusz Kotlarski, pig farmer Łowicz (Poland)

Mr. Tadeusz Kotlarski lives near Łowicz (Central Poland) and is a pig farmer.

"Early 2017 I purchased from AGROSKŁAD a Joskin 14000 l slurry tanker.

I've been working with Joskin for 10 years, as I already used a 6000 l tanker which I was very satisfied with and when I bought a new machine I have not had any trouble to resell the ancient.

Joskin enjoys a large notoriety in the agricultural world as he meets the specific requirements to the quality production.

I am very happy with my new machine and I think that it is a good acquisition.

In the future I'm planning to exchange the filling system by an external electrically driven pump, that's why I ordered a machine with the hydraulic top hatch.

The machine was designed to meet the requests of my farm.

The wide range of machines and the many option available allow to adapt machines to the farmers requirements".