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Braking Systems

Braking Systems
Braking Systems

In option, dual or air brakes can be mounted on the livestock trailer instead of the standard hydraulic brakes.
The air brakes are standard in Germany. The option automatic reverse is available for the RDS 5000 and RDS 6000.

The type of brake system fitted on your machine obviously depends on the equipment of your tractor.
JOSKIN proposes the following systems:

Hydraulic brakes

The hydraulic brakes remain the most common type of braking system.

Air brakes

The air braking system remains, for the moment, the system giving the greatest flexibility and power. As the loads transported are ever-increasing, it is absolutely necessary to have the most efficient braking system.

Dual brakes

For machines that can be hitched to several tractors, the dual braking system (hydraulic and air brakes) can be proposed in option.