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Dual Storm
Pumping System: Centrifugal Pump (Storm)

The DUAL-STORM concept is based on the combination of two centrifugal pumps: one fitted at the end of the dorsal boom for filling and the other at the front of the tank for discharging. Its main feature is its high flow rate of around 10,000 l/min depending on the type of slurry. Its three-blade propeller requires little maintenance compared to other high-flow volumetric pumps of the "lobe" or "spiral" type, since it is less sensitive to the passage of foreign bodies. As with all volumetric systems, the centrifugal pump ensures a better filling of the tank, while avoiding the creation of foam (which is discharged into the pit through the overflow pipe). The DUAL-STORM concept is available with a mechanical or hydraulic (Power-Pack) drive, both of which are supplied as standard with a flow meter.

Dual Storm + Vacuum
Pumping System: Centrifugal Pump (Storm)

The DUAL-STORM provides a great flexibility of use and a power appropriate to the desired flow rate. As this device is not self-priming, it is necessary to use a small vacuum pump to vacuum the boom if you want to suck on a funnel. In this case, a hydraulically driven vacuum pump (Battioni & Pagani MEC 5000H) is placed on the side of the tanker. It is managed by an ISOBUS solution and solenoid valves.

Power Pack
Pumping System: Centrifugal Pump (Storm)

The JOSKIN Power Pack completes the DUAL-STORM assembly: in this case, the motors of both pumps are driven hydraulically via a hydraulic installation (160 l/min at 280 bar). A double-acting industrial valve isolates the tank from the centrifugal pump body. As standard, the DPA proportional flow system controls the STORM pump rpm.

Pumping System: Centrifugal Pump (Storm)

The STORM system propels the slurry out of the pump by the centrifugal force created by the rotation of a screw around an eccentric pump body. The highest flow rates are achieved with this pumping mode. STORM pumps only work on the discharge side. The tank is therefore filled by gravity via an upper hydraulic door. At 750 rpm, a flow rate of 6,000 l is achieved, while at 1,000 rpm, it rises to 11,000 l. The pump is equipped with a stone trap and is driven by a universal joint shaft on the tractor power take-off. As an option, a 3-way valve can be fitted at the front of the tank to mix the contents in a closed circuit.