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Open Days – Edition 2023



The most versatile vehicle of the range



Length (m)

from 8 to 9.9


Double axle
Triple axle


Bale trailers or low loaders

WAGO-LOADER General Points

General Points

The Wago-Loader low loaders offer solutions for the transport of straw, tools and machinery between your working places. They are manufactured in special steel, automatically cut and welded, and fitted with floor crosspieces and a reinforced chassis. All these features provide these trailers with an increased resistance and reliability during transport.


WAGO-LOADER Easy and Safe Transport

Easy and Safe Transport


The Wago-Loader is a versatile trailer: it can transport bales, but also machines thanks to its two rear loading ramps with hydraulic lifting. In order to load machines more easily, the back side of the floor (made of wood or chequered plate) is tilted on approx. 1 m. And finally, for a proper stability during the handling, two telescopic supporting stands, with mechanical folding system (hydraulic as an option), are also standard fitted at the back of the vehicle.

WAGO-LOADER Trailed or Semi-Mounted Model

Trailed or Semi-Mounted Model

The Wago-Loader is available in semi-mounted version with a technically permissible payload of 8 to 12 t (8-m or 10-m floor) and in trailed version with a technically permissible payload from 13 to 20 t (floor from 8 to 12 m). The advantage of the semi-mounted models is that they benefit from a weight transfer to the eyelet of the tractor, which is ideal in difficult driving conditions (e.g. soft terrain). The trailed version can easily be loaded when it is not hitched to the tractor.

WAGO-LOADER Easily Interchangeable Floor

Easily Interchangeable Floor

The standard floor of the Wago-Loader is made of 40-mm thick wooden planks (without edges) that can be easily changed in case of wear.

WAGO-LOADER Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

The Wago-Loader is designed for an easy cleaning after use, without retention of water or sludge in corners or crosspieces.

WAGO-LOADER Even More Versatile

Even More Versatile

All Wago-Loader are standard fitted with various pieces of pre-equipment to easily add various options, either at the time of the order or later (even years after the purchase). Among the most interesting options, you can find: a front wall, mooring rings, PVC boxes to store straps, plus many more!

Special Features

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