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Equipment available

Transport Range - Drakkar

modular body

Hydraulic moving floor

In order to ensure their sturdiness, the moving floors of the JOSKIN machines are standard made up of 2 moving parts with chains driven by 2 hydraulic motors with side box. Their profiled slats are alternately placed in order to ensure an even load distribution.

Electromagnetic sensor

Once again, with a view on the user's safety and the equipment protection, an electromagnetic sensor indicates that the upper shredding beater is turning (700 rpm minimum) and allows the moving floor to be started. If the lower beater does not turn, the upper one will not be set in rotation, which explains the place where the sensor is mounted. This safety device, combined with the one on the rear door, prevents the silage matter from being unloaded against a still closed door or against the shredding beaters when they are not turning.

Hydraulic headboard

The hydraulic headboard is standard mounted on the whole JOSKIN Silo-SPACE range and is particularly useful behind the forage harvester, when starting to work on a plot. The front wall is made of galvanized, punched steel sheet and guarantees a maximum visibility.


The inside box lighting (swivelling and well protected) is also part of the standard equipment of the JOSKIN silage trailers.


As an option, hydraulic side extensions on the left or right side (250 or 400 mm high) and a rear steel extension (200 mm high) are also available.


The Drakkar and the Silo-Space can be fitted with two covering nets (DUO-COVER). It is made up of two not-watertight covering nets on frames. The nets rest perfectly and with high resistance on the dome in order to transport without losses.


Available on the monocoque tipping trailers and multi-purpose trailers, this strong cover (690 g/m²) is fastened on a sub-frame that is bolted on the body and it is hydraulically controlled from the tractor. All handling works (climb, unwind, put straps, etc.) are now unnecessary. In short: more safety and a higher output!