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Available equipment

Muck spreaders - FERTI-CAP - management and monitoring


According to the chosen injector and sequential block, several hydraulic functions will be necessary.

If the macerator is operated by means of an electro-hydraulic box, a high flow entry block is then indispensable to increase the output of the hydraulic motor and prevent load losses and overheating problems.

Electrohydraulic controls

The machines fitted with electrovalves gathered on a monoblock basis are protected by a galvanized box. This hydraulic distribution installation includes an inlet block (capacity: 60l/min or 120l/min). Most hydraulic functions of vehicles require a low flow but it is very important to know the functions that require a high one. A high flow is especially needed for hydraulic motors, e.g. those of the turbo filler, macerator(s), etc. For the functions requiring a high flow, there are two possibilities: a high-flow electro-hydraulic control and a flow deflector.

The multifunctional control box is the most ergonomic and efficient solution to easily operate the increasing number of hydraulic functions on agricultural machines. Thanks to this installation, it is possible to feed from 2 to 14 hydraulic functions, by means of one single hydraulic distributor on the tractor, via electrovalves. These electrovalves are controlled by means of one single control console in the cabin of the tractor, the multifunctional electro-hydraulic control box.


There are four control boxes to manage and control the JOSKIN muck spreaders. They each have their own functions and specifications.

Ferti-CONTROL 300

- Floor on/off switch
- Electric control of moving floor
- Inversion of the moving floor direction by tractor distributor

Ferti-CONTROL 500

- Floor on/off switch
- Electric control of moving floor
- Electric inversion of the moving floor direction
- Any extra electro-hydraulic function (option)

Ferti-CONTROL 4000

- Floor on/off switch
- Electric control of moving floor
- Electric inversion of the moving floor direction
- Any extra electro-hydraulic function (option)
- Door opening indicator (option).
- Flow proportional to the driving speed (DPA, option).


The interface of the JOSKIN control box, just like that of the automaton, can be replaced by the ISOBUS terminal that is already present in the tractor cabin. If there is none, the JOSKIN terminal can also be delivered. The aim is to ensure the communication between different tractors and the many implements (and vice versa) through a standardized language. This international standard is ever more used and allows a quick and easy connection ("plug & play") between various brands. One single control screen in the cabin replaces several ones: a direct way to high-tech agriculture!

At JOSKIN, the ISOBUS allows to centralize, for instance, the electro-hydraulic controls, pressure sensors, injectors, the flow proportional to the advancement speed, or the dynamic weighing system.

Moreover, the terminal is compatible with a GPS system for a precise guiding while spreading on the different parcels. Most tractor manufacturers are using this technology. Do not hesitate to consult us in case of doubt regarding the compatibility.

• 5,6'' screen

• 10,4'' screen
• Touch screen
• Multigraphic window
• Video input (option)

• 12,1’’ screen
• Double screen

Flow in proportion to the advancement speed (DPA)

Flow in proportion to the advancement speed (DPA).

To spread precisely, JOSKIN proposes an electronic spreading management (DPA), which is available on ISOBUS and Ferti-Control 4000.

During the use, the operator indicates the loaded volume (full load, half load, etc.), the flow per hectare (in m³ or t/ha), the effective working width as well as the product density. If the system is combined with a weighing device, the operator first has to validate the load in the spreader (available on the weighing device). From this data and the selected loaded volume (full load, half load, etc.), the density will be calculated.

Then, he will choose the position of his door according to the matter to spread. Once this information is introduced in the terminal, the movement of the moving floor will be automatically controlled according to the demanded flow and to the driving speed of the spreader.

The regulation works in closed circuit and the moving floor speed is continuously controlled. This system ensures that the necessary floor speed will be respected even if the body is almost empty or if, on the contrary, it is well filled and if the spreader drives on a slope.

Dynamic weighing system

Dynamic Weighing System on hydraulic suspension

Vehicles fitted with a hydraulic hitching suspension and a hydraulic running gear can be fitted with this device.

Two pressure sensors located on the hydraulic running gear circuit, as well as one on the hitching suspension, are connected to a computer on the running gear.

These sensors send cable signals so that the weight can be displayed on a screen in the tractor cabin. Another screen can be installed on a loader or on the vehicle in order to see the load weight at any time.

This system is also compatible with Isobus and can be controlled through the Isobus terminal that replaces in this case the separate screen. It is available on tipping trailers, muck and slurry spreaders, multi-purpose and silage trailers.