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Equipment available

Muck Spreader Range - FERTI-SPACE2 HORIZON

modular body

Guillotine door

A tight guillotine door, which can be adjusted on the full height of the beaters, can be installed. It avoids load losses during transport and makes it possible to regulate the flow while spreading.

Guillotine door

Anti-blocking door runner

Hydraulic installation

An independent hydraulic installation is available to drive the moving floor or all hydraulic elements of the machine..

This option is interesting for use of the spreader by several owners (avoid oil mixing) or with a tractor with no sufficient hydraulic circuit.


- PVC protection for upper body strip
- Aluminium or wooden extensions (250 mm)

PVC extensions

Aluminium extensions

Wooden extensions

Floor tensioner

Every JOSKIN muck spreader is standard fitted with a mechanical floor tensioner. As an option, it is possible to choose a hydraulic model with hand pump.

Limitation boards

These limitations boards, which can be mounted on the left or right-hand side, are used to spread at the field edge.