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Available equipment

Spreading implements - SOLODISC - linkage

Structure of the vehicles

Provided the adequate (pre-)equipment is available, all JOSKIN slurry tankers (self-supporting ones or with chassis) can be fitted with a rear implement (except the ALPINA, Q-Bigliner, Tetraliner models).
Whatever the chassis width, it is always possible to fit a linkage on it. Indeed, the linkages are designed according to the existing chassis widths, either for traditional widths (1,000 mm for Quadra and Euroliner) or for narrower widths (600 mm for Cobra).

Buttresses for self-supporting vehicles

Self-supporting vehicles can be fitted with the option "tank buttresses" that reinforces it over its whole height in such a way that the rear implement weight strains are transferred on the whole tanker. Spreading booms up to 18 m can be hitched to them, just like the Multi-Action injectors, the Solodisc injectors up to 6.02m wide and the arable injectors with up to 11 tines.