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Available equipment

Tipping trailers - TETRA-SPACE - modular body


In order to better protect the loads, a (green) cover can be provided with supports, reel and access platform.

Grain chute / Double rear door

Grain chute / Double rear door

Unloading auger / Rear door with hydraulic opening

For the Delta-CAP / Tetra-CAP / Tetra-SPACE models of the range, an unloading auger on grain chute (Ø 140 mm - length 4.15 m - hydraulic drive min. 20 / max. 40 l/min) and a (1-part) rear door with hydraulic opening are proposed as an option. Return springs to lift the side panels more easily are also available.

Side Panels

The Trans-EX tipping trailers can be fitted with extensions of 200 and 400 mm.
On the other models of the range of JOSKIN tipping trailers with drop sides, side panels of 500, 600 and 800 mm high are available. It is then possible to choose between drop sides made of steel sheet and silage side panels with grate.