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Available equipment

Tipping trailers - TRANS-CAP - concept


Width: + 8 cm

Tapered body

Next to being light and strong, the Trans-SPACE and Trans-CAP also have the particular feature of having a tapered body. It is indeed wider at the back than at the front (+ 8cm on monocoque bodies), which ensures a quicker and easier unloading.

Strong and Light Tipping Trailers

JOSKIN monocoque agricultural tipping trailers (Trans-CAP and Trans-SPACE) embody the new generation of tipping trailers completely made of HLE steel.

Thanks to this fabrication concept, the empty weight is significantly reduced and therefore allows to transport still higher pay loads. Your vehicle will then pay off more quickly.

The body edges on the JOSKIN tipping trailers are smoothed off by successive folds of the two side sheets in order to limit the body/contents contact surface as much as possible when unloading. As a result, friction strains are significantly restricted too.