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Available equipment

Tipping trailers - TRANS-CAP - modular body

Sight windows

The front wall of the monocoque tipping trailers is standard fitted with four perspex sight windows.

As an option, it is also possible to choose one single sight window. These two models can also be protected by galvanized rods.

Standard sight windows

Optional sight window


Each body can be fitted with an aluminium extension(s) (250 or 500 mm high) and/or grated silage extensions. The different models can also be combined. For some tipping trailers hydraulic extensions are proposed to reduce the loading height (e.g. when harvesting potatoes and beets) and so significantly reducing the fall of material.

Watertight alu extension

Grated "silage" type extension

Interlocking system of the alu extensions

Combination of alu extensions and a hydraulic steel extension (50 cm)

New hydraulic extensions on agricultural tipping trailers

JOSKIN offers now hydraulic, adjustable and practical extensions for the Trans-SPACE 7000/125 and 8000/150 agricultural trailers. They make the loading operations easier and allow the total transport volume to be increased. The extra DIN volume is of 8.4 m³ on 7000/125 and 9.4 m³ on 8000/150.

Landing sheet for potatoes

The Trans-CAP and Trans-SPACE agricultural tipping trailers can also be fitted with a landing sheet for potatoes of 1,800 x 2,500 mm.

Cover with manual winding

This cover winds around a long tube from the front to the back of the body, resting on a structure made up of three bolted arches and two supports, at the front and at the back. Three ratchet straps are fixed on the side of the tipping trailer, on the two supports and on the central arch, which allow to fold and unfold the cover uniformly.

This system provides a good sealing thanks to the support on the rear door, thereby preventing water from entering the body.

Cover for potatoes

This cover with manual winding is special since it does not rest on arches and is higher on one side.

Cover with hydraulic folding system

The second available cover on the Trans-CAP and Trans-SPACE (from models 6500) is the Cabriolé one with hydraulic folding system. It is completely tight and very easy to handle. The control box indeed allows to open/close it from the tractor cabin. In oder to be opened, it slides on two rails, one on each side of the body, to be put at the front of the body.

Note that this model does not allow to tip if the body is covered.

Transfer auger

A transfer system can be mounted as an option on the rear door of the Trans-SPACE tipping trailers. Two augers, one that is horizontally placed over the whole width of the body and the other vertically, drive the matter at 450 t/h. A second door is provided to use the trailer without the auger.


Available on the monocoque tipping trailers and multi-purpose trailers, this strong cover (690 g/m²) is fastened on a sub-frame that is bolted on the body and it is hydraulically controlled from the tractor. All handling works (climb, unwind, put straps, etc.) are now unnecessary. In short: more safety and a higher output!

Graine chutes

2nd grain chute (as an option)