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Equipment available

Transport Range - TRANS-EX

hitching accessories


This suspension, made up of a leaf bundle, provides the machine with a good clearance at the eyelet without distorting the drawline of the vehicle.

Parking stands

The parking stand supports the vehicle when it is not hitched but it must be retracted while driving, so that the machine can move freely.

Hitch skid

This device is designed for tractors fitted with the "Hitch" lifting hook (available as an option).

Hitching eyelets

JOSKIN offers 3 types of hitching eyelets: fixed, swivelling or with knee-joint. Today, the knee-joint eyelet is the most commonly used for intensive use.

JOSKIN fixed eyelet

JOSKIN swivel eyelet

JOSKIN knee-joint eyelet

Rockinger foxed eyelet

Scharmüller knee-joint eyelet

Wheel stand

The parking stand is a wheel stand. The height can be adjusted by means of a handle. The wheel is folded upwards when driving.