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Equipment available

Transport Range - TRANS-KTP 17/22/27

driving accessories

Driving Accessories

The lights are conforming to the regulations and have been fixed slightly backwards under the body, so that they are better protected. They are integrated into galvanized boxes fitted with a protective grate and they can be retracted when facing an obstacle because they are mounted on hinges. The double truck-type lights are standard mounted on all models.

Rear bumper

The optional rear bumper is supported by a set of pins, which makes it easy to adjust and to remove. Thanks to its 45° slope, it prevents matter from piling up when tipping or reversing into a heap.

Side bumpers

As a rule, the rear bumpers go along with side bumpers. Two models are available: galvanized or made of aluminium. Their use is ruled by the legislation in some countries. Ask for information on the law in force in your own country!

Working lights

Besides, two working lights (inte-grated into the chassis) and a flashing beacon can also be fitted at the back of the trailer. The working lights are operated by means of a control box based on two independent circuits.