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Available equipment

Tipping trailers - TRANS-KTP 9/11/15 - tipping accessories


The telescopic tipping ram is mounted on a double oscillating frame fitted with greased bearings and integrated in the chassis at a more forward position. This system compensates the torsions due to the tipping strains and effectively protects the ram and body from distortions. The body tipping is also ensured by the two robust hinges including bolted axis with large diameter.
The back- and upwards position of the hinges increases the unloading height. The standard mounted safety valve, which is directly placed on the tipping ram, prevents the body from unexpectedly falling down (e.g. when the hydraulic hoses break).

Anchoring point of the cylinder on the body

Double oscillating frame in which the cylinder is placed

Safety valve

Back- and upwards position of the hinges

The back- and upwards position of the hinges increases the unloading height, which also makes the unloading operation easier and allows you to produce higher and more compact heaps.

Hydraulic door

Strong hydraulic door

The tipping operation is made easier and quicker thanks to the hydraulic door with maximum opening angle, the one leaf version of which (which is fully made of HARDOX 450 on 17, 22 and 27 T) is part of the standard equipment. The door is linked by three fixing points to the arms that pivot on a sturdy axis with a large diameter. Finally, the rams are mounted under the arms for protection purposes.


The doors of the JOSKIN tipping trailers are fitted with two safety devices:
- In order to prevent system damage, a pressure relief valve regulates the oil pressure if the door cannot be completely closed, e.g. due to an obstacle;
- A pilot operated valve on each door ram holds the door in position if hydraulic hoses break or if the tractor stops.

2-part door

A 2-part rear door (fully made of high tensile steel on 17, 22 and 27 T - as an option on 9, 11 and 15 T) with 400x400 mm grain chute is available as an option.