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Available equipment

Slurry tankers - VOLUMETRA - preparing spreading implements

Self-supporting vehicles

These models have a monocoque supporting structure, which means that the tank is welded to a so-called "integral" cradle on its whole length and width.
It is the case for the Alpina2, Modulo2, Delta2, Tetrax2, Volumetra and Tetraliner.
While keeping an integrated linkage, the integrated self-supporting tubular structure is designed to reduce the total weight as much as possible. It is furthermore suited to all spreading techniques. Finally, self-supporting vehicles can be fitted with the option "tank buttresses" that reinforces it over its whole height in such a way that the rear implement weight strains are transferred on the whole vehicle.
Spreading booms up to 18 m can be hitched to them, just like the Multi-Action injectors, the Solodisc injectors up to 6m wide and the arable injectors with up to 13 tines.


JOSKIN hitching systems are very compact in order to limit the side and vertical strains on the whole running gear. Made up of four points, they ensure a very high stability of the rear implement while reducing the overhanging part.