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Available equipment

Bale trailers or low loaders - WAGO-LOADER - hitching accessories

Hitching eyelets

The trailed trailers are standard fitted with a spring holding drawbar in high position while the semi-mounted ones have a reinforced rigid drawbar.

Welded Ø 50 mm flat eyelet

Welded Ø 50 mm flat eyelet for semi-mounted Wago and Wago-LOADER.

Welded Ø 40mm flat eyelet

Welded Ø 40mm flat eyelet for trailed Wago and Wago-LOADER.

Rear fixed hook

To use the trailer with another trailer, a rear fixed hook can be mounted (standard on 8000S and semi-mounted models). A rear hydraulic plug is also available in option.

Manual stand

The manual jack is mounted on the single axle semi-mounted trailers.

Hydraulic stand

The semi-mounted Wago models (double-axle) and the Wago-LOADER (double and triple axle) are fitted with a hydraulic stand.

Rear loading stands

The Wago-LOADER low loaders are standard fitted with two rear stands with mechanical folding system. They allow to increase the stability while loading/unloading. The hydraulic folding system (option) is also proposed by JOSKIN.