Equipment available

Meadow aerators

Accessories and Common Options

Accessories and Common Options Accessories and Common Options

Adjusting the flexible tines

Levers allow to adjust the pressure on the ground of the rows of flexible tines.

Aerating rakes (BF and EB)

The 30 cm aerating rakes fitted with curved tines (option) allow to cut off dung (together with the paddles).

Set of reflective panels

A set of reflective panels is also available as an option (compulsory in some countries for road transport).

Steel wheel

Steel wheels, which are reinforced by inner discs, can optionally replace the rubber ones.

Scraper on spring tine

Available on SCARIFLEX, a scraper on spring tine, fixed on the first row, allows to spread and level molehills. It therefore makes the work of the levelling scrapers easier.

Seeders (EB and Scariflex)

It is possible to fit your aerator with an electric or air seeder.


The electric rotoseeder spreads the seeds by means of a rotary disc directly located under the tank.

Air seeder

The air seeder distributes the seeds in an air flow by means of a distributor. Grains are then sent through pipes on splash plates, which are positioned before the flexible tines.