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Customer testimonials

Slurry tankers

The professional's opinion

James Harrison (Great Britain)

With the quick fill arm and large pump capacity there is no time wasted filling or emptying.


Biological Economy (Russia)

Since our cows are not towed, a herd produces daily some tens of tons of slurry. We therefore invested in a Joskin KOMFORT2 18000TS tanker injecting at 15-20 cm deep.


Mark Garrick (Great Britain)

When we have got the first contacts with the Joskin company, we directly knew that it was a real business opportunity in our area.


Vladimir Master, head zoological technician at PAP "Arkadia" (Ukraine)

This tanker suits all uses, including for the farms that do not use the strip-till technique, just like us. These machines can easily transport the slurry and spread it on the fields.


JOSKIN does everything possible! (Great Britain)

We are in a very specific situation: our area is very hilly and little machines are suited to efficiently face these conditions. Furthermore, the matter, digestate produced by one of England's biggest methanization units, is very aggressive. It was therefore essential that the quality of the used material was good.

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