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4 wheels in a row



10700 → 16000


Double axle




TETRAX2 General Points

General Points

Ideal for humid grounds, the Tetrax2 is welded on its whole length to a self-supporting structure, which allows to have a tanker with traction ease focusing the strains on the integrated chassis.

TETRAX2 Ideal Slurry Tanker for Meadows

Ideal Slurry Tanker for Meadows

Very compact vehicle with 4 parallel wheels for an optimized load distribution in order to reduce ground compaction in meadows.

TETRAX2 Easy construction and maintenance

Easy construction and maintenance

The success of this concept lies in :

  • the 4 wheels side by side (contact surface with the ground: 2.60 m), which allows to reduce the ground pressure to a minimum and thus to respect the ground structure;
  • the possibility to use used tractor wheels (low cost), which won't let any tracks on your meadows (low profile);
  • the two pairs of wheels fitted with a horizontal swinging movement ensuring security and stability in the bends;
  • the integrated linkage

In order to make the maintenance of the vehicle easier :

  • the axles are fastened by means of four bolts, which allow to easily remove and change the wheels;
  • all grease points are centralized on each side of the machine.
Strong points of the range

A large, modular and upgradeable range

The range of JOSKIN slurry spreaders includes 9 models from 2,500 to 28,000 l that can be adapted according to your needs. Our machines can be upgraded through time depending on the initially chosen options.

Inhouse mastered galvanization

JOSKIN has its own hot-dip galvanization unit enforcing the highest international quality standards. This process allows to ensure the quality of our products and is in this way the first choice of durable protection against corrosion. As a consequence, the lifespan of your machine is longer, hence a better value on the second-hand market.

Standardized industrial production

The industrial series production offers real possibilities to standardize designs and to use profitable manufacturing techniques. This process allows to offer both a mastered cost price for an unmatched quality level and a fast assembly of the various elements on your vehicle, both in the factory as afterwards (e.g. filling arm, spreading implements, etc.).

Choix des aciers.

Essential choice! JOSKIN decided to work with the best steel of the market. In comparison with traditional steel, it has better folding and curving capacities, as well as a better resistance to shocks. The final product is in this way both liable and light.


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