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Silo-SPACE2 General points

General points

The Silo-SPACE looks like a new man. This new version, which includes all strong points (running gear, moving floor, air brakes, etc.) that contributed until now to its success, pushes the boundaries regarding loading capacity and manoeuvrability. The Silo-SPACE 2 is made up of a tapered body with moving floor ensuring a fluid and fast unloading. Its special feature lies in the high loading capacity: up to 59 m³ with a dome. Designed on a particularly sturdy basis, the silage trailer is fitted with a JOSKIN hydraulic suspension, which makes it very stable and comfortable to drive, both in the fields and on the road.

Silo-SPACE2 Rear Door with Wide Opening Angle

Rear Door with Wide Opening Angle

The trailer is unloaded easily and without blocking thanks to the rear door with wide opening angle, operated by two double-acting hydraulic rams. A locking device on spring makes sure the door is perfectly closed and avoids any unexpected opening during transportation.

Silo-SPACE2 Tapered Body

Tapered Body

To unload with minimum friction, the profile of the side and rear walls of the Silo-SPACE 2 is vertical. They are indeed 5 cm wider at the back in comparison to the front. This tapered shape ensures a quick and smooth unloading of the silage (maize, grass, etc.).

Silo-SPACE2 Moving Floor

Moving Floor

In order to ensure its sturdiness, the moving floor of the Silo-SPACE 2 standard includes 2 moving parts with chains driven by 2 hydraulic motors with side box. Their profiled slats are alternately placed in order to ensure an even load distribution. The yaw chains offer a high resistance to traction. Two sets of 4 wearing-off Ertalon rails are placed on both sides of the body to prevent the moving floor and the floor from scraping each other (silencing floor). The two hydraulic motors (protected under the floor), which drive the moving floor, are fitted with two gears: the first one allows to set the moving floor in motion and progressively increase its power, while the second one ensures a quick and regular unloading of the silage trailer.

Silo-SPACE2 Sloping Front Wall

Sloping Front Wall

Painted and perforated, the front wall is designed to maximize the payload. To that end, our engineers provided it with a 22° angle and a hinge system making the unloading operations easier by pushing and breaking the material. This mechanism ensures, among other things, a bigger loading area.

Silo-SPACE2 Manoeuvrability


Fitted with a leaf suspension, the monoblock structure of the drawbar, which is sloping and directly fixed to the body, was very refined. Thanks to this new form, the tractor manoeuvrability is improved. The widened steering angle also makes manoeuvres easier.

Silo-SPACE2 Self-Supporting Chassis

Self-Supporting Chassis

The use of a lowered monocoque body allowed to increase the body height (180 mm higher than on the Silo-SPACE) and to reduce the weight. As a result, the payload is higher. This feature allows, among other things, to disassemble the machine to put it in a container for the export.

Silo-SPACE2 Folding Bumper

Folding Bumper

The bumper is now hydraulically folded under the machine when it is loaded. This new feature allows to avoid the accumulation of silage in the groove. This system also reduces the possible risks of silage losses on the public highway.

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