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Multi-functional, Strong and Compact tipping trailer



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Tipping Trailers with Drop Sides

TRANS-EX General Points

General Points

The Trans-EX dropside tipping trailer is a compact vehicle that can easily be modified. Once the drop sides are removed, the user indeed has a platform on which he can easily load different types of products. He can also mount 200 mm or 400 mm extensions on the trailer to increase the loading capacity.


The trapezium-shaped chassis of the Trans-EX tipping trailers combines simplicity and robustness: its sturdiness lies in its cold-formed beams made of special high tensile steel. On the Trans-EX tipping trailers, the hitching system is a strong bolted monoblock drawbar with height adjustment and which is reversible for low or high hitching. The parking stand is a wheel stand and its height can be adjusted by means of a handle. The wheel is folded upwards when driving for an optimal safety.
The rear electric lighting is integrated into a galvanized box covering the width of the vehicle and acting as a bumper. The chassis, narrower than the body, can be fitted as an option with a tool box (1,500 x 400 x 270 mm)
The double-axle models, available from 5 T are equipped with a Roll-Over bogie, allowing to compensate the ground unevenness, increasing braking power and the driving comfort.

Strong points of the range

Strong and Tight Bodies

Tipping trailers with drop sides are standard manufactured in the same special high tensile steel as the one used to manufacture road transport vehicles. It is the best guarantee of solidity for a relatively low weight. The bottom plate is 4 mm thick. The drop sides have a structure with closed profiled tubes, which allows to increase the resistance to pressure of the walls and give a fluid and modern design to the machine.

In order to ensure a longer life span, the chassis of the JOSKIN tipping trailers with drop sides, except the one of the Trans-EX, are completely hot dip galvanized.

The tipping trailers with drop sides are standard fitted with highly resistant synthetic rubber seals all around the body allowing a perfect tightness of the tipping trailer, even with small grains or products like rapeseed.

Modularity and Simplicity

JOSKIN tipping trailers with drop sides were developed to be as modular as possible. Many volumes and heights are available, which allows to reach higher loading volumes. The side panels can be demounted in order to have a bale trailer.

The handles to open the side panels were designed in such a way that they are easy to use. With their large length and the rubber at their end, they ensure an easy opening/closing.

Tipping Adapted to all Situations

In some difficult to reach places or in order to tip precisely, it can be useful to be able to tip on the sides of the trailer. It is the purpose of the "three-side tipping" option that allows to tip backwards, to the left or to the right. In this case, the tipping ram is fastened to an oscillating frame and the side tipping angle is limited by an end-of-course cable.

Safety and Comfort

JOSKIN dropside tipping trailers are all standard fitted with a rear yoke with complete connections for the lighting, braking system and tipping of a second trailer. The low center of gravity of the tipping trailers ensures a better stability and in this way an improved driving comfort both on the roads and in the fields.
Tipping Trailers with Drop Sides


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