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TRANS-KTP 9/11/15

TRANS-KTP 9/11/15

Choosing Multi-Functionality and Sturdiness



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Single axle
Double axle


Construction Tipping Trailers

TRANS-KTP 9/11/15 General Points

General Points

The JOSKIN Trans-KTP 9, 11 and 15 T construction trailers are the ‘‘low-capacity‘‘ models of the JOSKIN heavy duty range. Given their compact and sturdy design (side walls, floor and rear door in HARDOX steel), they are an ideal solution for small earthmoving works, landscape gardening contractors or even public services.. They are pre-equipped to be fitted with two optional aluminium ramps, thereby allowing to load and transport a small excavator.

TRANS-KTP 9/11/15 Hitching


The Trans-KTP 9, 11 and 15 T are fitted with an open drawbar that, given its structure, ensures a very good weight/resistance ratio. Its wide fixing points (same width as the chassis) further improve the manoeuvrability. This solution offers a straight pull/push line and a large vertical clearance at the eyelet, thereby largely absorbing shocks.

TRANS-KTP 9/11/15 Concept


The chassis of the JOSKIN Trans-KTP 9, 11 and 15 T tipping trailers is 900 mm wide and can therefore be fitted with wide wheels. It is made up of 250 x 100 x 6 mm profile tubes on models 9/45 and 11/45, and of 300 x 100 x 8 mm profile tubes on model 15/45. The driving comfort provided by the whole carriage is ensured by the hitching suspension with cross-springs.

Strong points of the range

Safe Tipping

The telescopic tipping ram is mounted on a double oscillating frame fitted with greased bearings and integrated in the chassis at a more forward position. This system compensates the torsions due to the tipping strains and effectively protects the ram and body from distortions. The body tipping is also ensured by the two robust hinges including bolted axis with large diameter. The back- and upwards position of the hinges increases the unloading height.

The standard mounted safety valve, which is directly placed on the tipping ram, prevents the body from unexpectedly falling down (e.g. when the hydraulic hoses break).

JOSKIN principle

Tapered, Light and Strong Body

The bodies of the JOSKIN Trans-KTP construction trailers are made fully of high tensile steel of the HARDOX 450 type, which has very interesting tensile properties, as it takes its initial shape back after deformation. Compared to traditional steel, its tensile limit is indeed 4 to 5 times higher.

All bodies, including the doors, are manufactured with 2 steel sheets, without any linking cross-weld. Thanks to this manufacturing process, the empty weight of these tipping trailers is significantly lower and therefore allows transportation of higher payloads, without compromising on sturdiness.

The tapered shape of the body makes sure the contents of the trailer flow out freely. This unmatched property is further reinforced by the successive folds aiming at smoothing off the edges of the body.

Tipping Accessories

For models 9, 11 and 15 T, two hydraulic pumps with a 55 l capacity are available (PR660: 53 l/min at 1,000 rpm and PR980 : 70 l/min at 1,000rpm). They can optionally be fitted with a electric or hydraulic control.

It is also possible to choose a front tipping ram instead of the one under the body on the front part of the chassis for models 22/50 (36 l), 27/55 (49 l) and 27/65 (76 l). This option requires a galvanized headboard in order to protect the ram.

An industrial hydraulic pump (150 l/min) with electric tipping and lowering control (1,000 rpm) can replace the tipping function directly connected to the hydraulic system of the tractor. This pump has a "quick lowering" function and is part of the standard equipment on the 27/65 TRM model.
Construction Tipping Trailers


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