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inner accessories

In order to protect the communicating gauge from possible shocks and damages, it can be fitted with an optional protective grating.

A guillotine door can be fitted as an option. It is tight for the loaded manure (not for water or slurry) and is continuously adjustable over the entire height of the beaters. It therefore not only prevents loss of load during transport, but also regulates the dosage during spreading.

Every JOSKIN muck spreader is fitted as standard with a mechanical floor tensioner. A hydraulic model on hand pump is also available as an option.

All muck spreaders are equipped with oversized shipping chains as standard. They provide an outstanding strength and ensure that your spreader is completely emptied, regardless of the load carried.

Whether on models with vertical or horizontal beaters, the slats of the Tornado3 and Ferti-Space2 muck spreaders are bolted to the standard shipping chains. They can therefore very easily be changed.