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General terms and conditions

  • All orders are executed at the price in force when the product is effectively delivered. The quotations are not binding on us.
    • When an order is put in, we have the right to claim a deposit representing at least 50 % of the whole cost.
    • Our invoices are to be paid cash at the office of the company.
    • Any delay in payment exceeding 8 (eight) days leads, by rights and without prior notice, to a 18 % price increase – minimum € 50 as indemnity – and to interests of 1 % per month
    • Cheques are only accepted after prior agreement; cheques and drafts are only worth payment after their collection. The acceptance of drafts does not imply any novation, the above mentioned terms remain applicable.
  • No delivery time is guaranteed: the firm incurs no responsability in this respect. The delivery time mentioned on the order form or the confirmation of order only has an indicatory value. In any event, the mentioned delivery time only starts running when the order has effectively been registered by the company.
  • The transfer of ownership of the purchased goods only takes place when the whole price has been paid. In case of delay in payment, the company always has the right, either to insist on any overdue sum being paid immediately, or to take back the delivered goods and to keep all the paid deposits as indemnity. The risks are borne by the purchaser as soon as the product is effectively delivered.
  • If the purchaser’s creditworthiness falls in value, we reserve the right to insist on his providing us with the securities we consider as adequate in view of rightly fulfilling the undertaken agreements, even if the deal has already been partly executed. If the purchaser does not meet our requirements, we have the right to cancel the whole or part of the deal.
  • The goods are shipped at the purchaser’s own risk.
  • The company gives no greater guarantee than the one given by the manufacturer or the supplier. In this way, the new material can be totally guaranteed for one year, provided the firm is in possession of the defective parts. The second hand material is not guaranteed, unless otherwise provided.
  • Any claim must be introduced in writing within eight days after the invoice date in order to be rightly registered.
  • In case of dispute, only the Courts of our office are competent. They will enforce the Belgian law.