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Twinjet: a wide spreading solution at an extremely low price!


Working width (m)

24 → 30


Multi-Nozzle Booms

TWINJET General points

General points

The Twinjet boom allows conventional spreading using a two-nozzle system. Each nozzle is terminated by a pendulum scatterer, which allows for very wide spreading. The latter is set in oscillation thanks to the spreading pressure and an ingenious mechanical device. This configuration allows the slurry to be projected alternately in one direction and then in the other, so that these projections are not very sensitive to the wind. The fully galvanised construction of the JOSKIN booms ensures optimum protection and a long service life.


TWINJET Simple and efficient design

Simple and efficient design

The Twinjet boom is the most economical and simplest solution for quality spreading over working widths of 24 to 30 metres. It has a simple structure with a low tare weight and the lowest possible purchase cost. It is protected by hot-dip galvanisation, making it durable over time and insensitive to the circumstances of the working environment.

TWINJET Distribution box and direct supply

Distribution box and direct supply

The slurry is first fed out of the tanker into a large volume distribution box. This has a deflector plate which separates the slurry from any foreign bodies and then divides it into two equal proportions. The deflector plate, acting as a stone collection system, deflects the foreign bodies to a quick outlet to allow them to be discharged evenly. The slurry then leaves this box through Ø 125 mm rigid pipes and is finally conveyed in a direct line to the distribution heads. This box also has a 6" flanged straight outlet as standard which allows, for example, the fitting of an exact scatterer (optional) to fertilise areas narrower than the standard Twinjet boom spreading width.

TWINJET Adjustable scatterers

Adjustable scatterers

The two spreader heads that ensure the quality work of the TwinJet are fitted with a half-moon shaped hole bar. This allows the stops to be moved, thus limiting the swivel angle of the distributor heads. They can thus limit their angle of rotation (and thus the working width) depending on the viscosity of the product to be spread. The scatterers are also mounted on a "T" with a quick-release lid, quickly removing foreign bodies or plugs if necessary.

TWINJET Hydraulic folding

Hydraulic folding

All booms are equipped with hydraulic folding, which has a negligible overhang and does not affect the driving operation in any way. During transport, the whole unit is secured by a ramp locking system. The ramp is height-adjustable and has a cradle fitted with a shock absorbing rubber.

TWINJET The boom fits all tankers

The boom fits all tankers

The Twinjet boom is available in a "fixed bolted" version for tankers without rear linkage, as well as in a "lift-up" version for barrels equipped with it, which is often the case for agricultural contractors, who have to change spreading tools according to customer wishes. The boom is also available as an add-on for an existing JOSKIN slurry tanker or made by another manufacturer.

Special Features