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6 Keys to Success

Since 1968, thousands of contractors and farmers have been trusting us and have been using JOSKIN machines daily

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Strength of Experience

Strength of <b>Experience</b>

Founded in 1968, the JOSKIN family business became a leader in the design and manufacture of agricultural machines. Spread over Belgium, Poland and France on a total surface area of almost 150,000 m², the JOSKIN  production sites are exporting to more than 60 countries.

Technical skills within

<b>Technical</b> skills within

Very modern and highly precise techniques are used:
dynamic 3D simulation, automated lasers, folding presses, high tensile steel, hot-dip galvanization, automated continuous weldings.

Buy with confidence

Buy with <b>confidence</b>

Buying with complete confidence: a 3-year warranty is offered to all our customers when purchasing a new JOSKIN machine. Furthermore, a user book, including among other things the spare parts book and the user manual, is given to you at the time of the purchase, as well as a miniature of your machine for free!

Research and development

<b>Research</b> and <b>development</b>

Joskin has its own industrial design offices and 3D static and dynamic engineering software. The production is standardized as much as possible in order to ensure a precise manufacturing and a deadline compliance, while proposing hundreds of options! Our technicians and dealers are constantly trained in our technical centres.

At the service of our customers

At the <b>service</b> of our customers

Our great strength: the availability of spare parts at any time and anywhere. Thanks to our permanent stocks, we send your parts as quickly as possible. The JOSKIN dealers undertake to have a stock of the most important spare parts of the machines.

Individualized parts book

Individualized <b>parts</b> book

The parts book and the user's manual are provided in your language when purchasing a machine. The parts book includes drawings and references of the components mounted on your machine. Even years later, spare parts can be ordered efficiently!