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The company

The world's largest programme of material for spreading and transport of agricultural products

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JOSKIN is building the world's largest programme of trailers for transport and spreading of agricultural products.

Its machines criss-cross the countryside all over Europe and in many regions of the world. Almost 60 countries are regularly served each year.

Created in 1968 by Victor Joskin, the company has developed to become an international group keeping its strategic and financial independence and its family management.



Concentrate its means on the field of agricultural trailers and related tools.

Gather the proven techniques in the technological development, to meet the many needs of farmers.

Control all strategic phases of the production line and service, aiming at their optimization.

Develop a dealer network close to the user, for increased reactivity and knowledge exchange between the user and the development.

Offer the customers maximum profit in terms of time, productivity, profitability and advantages.

Figures of the Group JOSKIN 2019

Consolidated turnover

98.500.000 €

Average staff of the Group


JOSKIN machines manufactured

> 3000

Production sites

5 sites

Company development

  1. 1968

    Victor Joskin registers as an agricultural contractor with the Commercial Register.

  2. 1972

    The company sets up a new hall on the site of Soumagne.

  3. 1973

    Extension of the activity to retail trade with the servicing of agricultural and horticultural machinery.

  4. 1974

    Start of the importation of foreign products in Belgium: beginning of the Import activity.

  5. 1983

    Formation of the Public Limited Company Ets. JOSKIN.
    The price list dated 01/01/83 presents the first machines manufactured by Joskin: the meadow aerators, the development of which is still present in our current programme.

  6. 1984

    Manufacturing of the first JOSKIN slurry tanker (3500 litre). The 5500 litre model is the first exported tanker (the Netherlands).

  7. 1985

    Manufacturing of the new range of monocoque slurry tankers: a chassis fixed to the tank, with which it forms one body, is now the basis of the Modulo range.

  8. 1988

    Construction of an industrial hall of 5000 m² in Soumagne and formation of the S.C.I.M.A. S.A. Company

  9. 1995

    Launch of the distribution strategy

  10. 1996

    The Cargo concept was awarded a Golden Ear at AGRIBEX in Brussels. This concept offers one and the same chassis for different transport and spreading tools.

  11. 1998

    Construction of a showroom of 4000 m² in Soumagne where all interested persons are invited to come and touch the material.

  12. 1999

    Construction of the new production site in Trzcianka (Poland) based on the takeover of the facilities of a local factory.

  13. 2002

    Construction of the new production site in Bourges (France).

  14. 2007

    Creation in Belgium of SPAW TECH, specialized in the welding of tankers, bodies of monocoque tipping trailers and of manure spreaders.

  15. 2008

    For the 40 years of the JOSKIN Company, all international partners gathered in Soumagne.

  16. 2010

    10th anniversary of Trzcianka and inauguration of a galvanizing unit of 8000 m² on the Polish site.

  17. 2011

    Joskin presents the Cargo-Track: its first self-propelled and fully autonomous vehicle.

  18. 2012

    The search for a high-capacity multifunctional trailer with safe unloading (conveyor belt and accompanying front wall) has led to the birth of the DRAKKAR. Its patented unloading system was awarded by many international prizes. "It doesn't push; it doesn't tip, ... it transports!"

  19. 2013

    LEBOULCH becomes part of the JOSKIN Group.
    JOSKIN manufactures its 30.000th tanker.

  20. 2014

    30th production anniversary.
    Extension of the Soumagne site and new ultra modern tools.

  21. 2016

    Presence in more thank 60 countries, 600 dealers, 80.000 users !

  22. 2019

    Today, JOSKIN stands for: 56 hectares of land (560,000 m²), 5 production sites, 780 people, a very modern manufacturing equipment meeting the highest productivity norms and a range of products appreciated in 80 countries across the 5 continents.



The Xtrem2 is awarded "Machine of the Year 2020"! After winning this award in 2017 (Volumetra) and 2019 (Modulo Advantage), JOSKIN has once more won the award of "Machine of the Year" in the category "logistics" with its new Xtrem2.


A few weeks after winning the only golden medal for the Innovation Awards at the Agritechnica trade show, the "eAutoPowr e8WD" technology has once more been honoured by the agricultural world by winning another prestigious award at the Agribex trade show: the "Golden Ear 2019".


JOSKIN, in collaboration with JOHN DEERE, won the only gold medal at the Agritechnica Innovation Awards 2019. This medal rewards the "eAutoPowr e8WD" technology (the first electromechanical gearbox designed for agricultural technologies).


After having already won this prize in 2017 with the Volumetra, JOSKIN has once again been rewarded: it won the prize in the livestock breeding category with its new Modulo Advantage


Golden inel - Pendislide Basic


The 24000 liters Euroliner with its 30 m Vogelsang boom won the award in the innovation category, product novelty and high technology quality.


Machine of the year 2017 for the JOSKIN Volumetra. 30 international in agricultural machinery specialized journalists rewarded the Volumetra, the tanker with innovative specifications.


Gold medal at Poznań´s International Fair (MTP) for the Dyna Pilot dynamic weighing system.


The 2015 edition of the Mecanic Show rewarded the Drakkar for its unloading assistance with conveyor belt


The JOSKIN company has just received the "SAP Quality Awards Excellence 2014" because it has improved its computer-aided management system with the installation of the SAP Suite on Hana.


Innov´Space - 1 star for the Section Pilot


The Section Pilot (automatic GPS section control controlling a spreading tool of a slurry tanker) is presented as an innovation at the Mecanic´Show of the fair of Libramont 2014


JOSKIN receives the Prize of the "Best Belgian Investor in France"


"Marianne de Cristal"


Golden Summit for the Drakkar


Innov´Space - 2 stars for the Drakkar


The Forbes business magazine has once again awarded JOSKIN Polska by listing Trzcianka´s company in the "Forbes Diamonds" ranking.


The JOSKIN Drakkar multi-purpose trailer was selected and presented at the Mechanic Show 2012.


Golden medal for the JOSKIN Scalper macerator at the Polagra Premiery international fair of Poznan in 2012.


Silver Ear for the Drakkar at Agribex


The Forbes business magazine awarded JOSKIN Polska by listing Trzcianka´s company in the "Forbes Diamonds" ranking.


The Cargo-TRACK independent carrying vehicle designed to be fitted with the JOSKIN Cargo implements was selected and presented at the Mechanic Show 2011.


Innov´Space – 1 star for the JOSKIN 10" pumping arm


Golden medal at the Polagra Premiery international fair of Poznan in 2010.


Marek Kups, burgomaster of Trzcianka, hands a honorary plaque to Mr. Joskin


The burgomaster of Trzcianka awarded a prize to Mr. Joskin for his contributions to the development of the city.


Mr. Joskin receives the finalist trophy for the company of the year.


Golden medal for the Win Pack 7003 tanker at the Gornja Radgona fair (Slovenia)


Diploma for the Vacu-CARGO at the Agricultural Fair of Libramont


The JOSKIN Trans-SPACE agricultural tipping trailer with "total HARDOX" body was selected and presented at the Mechanic Show 2006.


The JOSKIN Euroliner slurry tanker with high capacity and centrifugal pump to fill and spread was selected and presented at the Mechanic Show 2006.


The slurry tanker with new standardization concept and advanced technical solutions, JOSKIN X-Trem, was selected and presented at the Mechanic Show 2005.


The JOSKIN Trans-SPACE trailer with tipping stabilizer was selected and presented at the Mechanic Show 2004.


The JOSKIN Solodisc meadow injector was selected and presented at the Mechanic Show 2002.


The JOSKIN Cargo-LIFT carrying system was selected and presented at the Mechanic Show 2001.


Golden Ear for the JOSKIN Cargo at Agribex


JOSKIN receives the Green Label for the development of slurry injectors with macerator


Silver Ear for the slurry macerator - hydraulic block - slurry filter at Agribex


Silver Ear for the JOSKIN M 12.000 unloader-feeder at the S.I.A. - I.W.L.


Decoration given to JOSKIN for its success at the ISEKI 82 tractors and motor cultivators selling contest as well as for its participation in the Congress 83 of ISEKO CO. LTD. in Tokyo.