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ionicons-v5-a ionicons-v5-a
With a built-in filling arm, the opening angle between the tank and the first joint of the arm is max. 119°, while with a not built-in model, it is max. 132°. The arm is moved by means of a double-acting hydraulic ram with a long stroke. If the filling arm is equipped with a turbo-filler, it is installed at the joint between the 1st and 2nd elements.
The maximum angle of the second joint with a ball joint driven by a hydraulic ram is 95°, and with a ball joint driven by a hydraulic motor 180°. In addition, an "elbow" spacer allows this data to be adjusted and is the best solution when pumping in a container, from the top of an off-ground tank.
As an option, it is possible to equip your double filling arm with an adapter in order to suck on a funnel, like with the JUMBO arm.
JOSKIN currently offers 4 types of articulated filling arms: straight with or without turbo-filler, and angled with or without turbo-filler. These models are available with a diameter of 200 mm (8") or 250 mm (10"). Thanks to the two double-acting hydraulic joints, they can reach most slurry storage tanks. The JOSKIN articulated filling arms are available in self-supporting or built-in version. The choice of the built-in arm is often based on the diameter of the tank. It limits the overall dimensions and provides the necessary safety when driving on the road. As for the upper joint, there are 2 choices: either the standard ball joint driven by a hydraulic ram or the optional ball joint driven by a hydraulic motor. The main difference between the two is the opening angle of the arm that is much bigger with the hydraulic ball joint. For more reliability, all hydraulic pipes on the articulated arm are rigid hoses, and the watertightness between the arm and the tanker is ensured by a double-acting industrial valve. The filling arms can also be combined with an immersion pipe in the tank to discharge the slurry through the arm.

Articulated arms can be equipped with an optional 1m telescopic extension to easily pump into deep pits (+/- 4.5m). It is available with a diameter of 8" or 10".

The JOSKIN articulated arm on the tractor front linkage provides a compact, comfortable and versatile filling solution. With a pumping height of up to 4.5 m and a second arm section of 3 m long, it is possible to pump easily at the edge of the field from a slurry tanker, a transport tank, a container or an off-ground tank, provided they are equipped with a funnel. The double-acting hydraulic ram connecting the two parts of the arm controls the angle of the mobile part (max. 100°). Thanks to the front position of the arm, the driver has a very good view when filling.
As an option, it is possible to equip your dorsal boom with an adapter for suction on a funnel, like with the JUMBO arm.
JOSKIN offers several options of dorsal booms: first with a rear or front pivot point, then with 2 or 3 hydraulic joints. Depending on the intended use and whether or not you are using a spreading implement, you will easily find the mode that suits you best. The main advantage of a rear dorsal boom is its compactness and the possibility to pump from the rear of the tanker, while the front model offers a better visibility to the driver when handling it as well as a compatibility with all spreading implements (even the widest booms). The kinematics of dorsal booms allow a maximum lifting angle to be reached when pumping into an off-ground container or pit, and a maximum diving angle when pumping into an underground pit. The dorsal boom can be used with different pieces of equipment and in a variety of situations: vacuum pump, centrifugal pump, suction on funnel, etc. Different models are available, including with telescopic extensions, an optional turbo-filler or submerged turbo, etc. In short: a solution for every situation. All our dorsal booms are equipped as standard with a central lubrication system for a regular, easy and safe maintenance.
The JOSKIN dorsal booms can be equipped with an optional telescopic extension. This device becomes very interesting for reaching greater depths!
As an option, it is possible to equip your dorsal boom with a turbo filler: it will be installed at the inlet of the tank, at the level of the last joint or at the end of the boom, and will thus be submerged in the slurry.
General Points
Filling Arm
In general, all filling arms manufactured by JOSKIN can be combined with an optional immersion pipe in the tank in order to work in both suction and pressure mode.
JUMBO (Funnels)
Filling Arm
Each machine fitted with a JUMBO filling arm is supplied with a funnel and a transport bracket, which is bolted to the side of the chassis or cradle. To reduce the overall dimensions, it is also possible to have a front bracket (optional). JOSKIN also offers as an option a funnel with remote closing control, which is ideal for use with an off-ground pit. It is indeed possible to electrically close a valve directly on the funnel to prevent the slurry from flowing outside of the suction phase. The driver therefore no longer has to get out of the cab to manually close the pit valve. This model is also equipped with a second electric valve to ensure that the slurry flows back to the pre-pit when the filling arm is vented. Finally, it is fitted with a transport triangle (female part) designed for the linkage of the tractor.
JUMBO (Jumbomatic)
Filling Arm
The Jumbomatic is a sequential block fitted to JUMBO filling arms: a single double-acting function is enough to operate it. The block successively operates the various hydraulic functions: pump change-over, lifting/lowering the arm, transport safety, valve and air intake control. An electrical switch also isolates the "pump change-over" function; the vacuum is created in the tank while the arm is still in the vertical position, which is very convenient if you are using the tanker without the JUMBO arm, or if you already want to create a vacuum when leaving the field without having to move the filling arm from its transport position.
JUMBO (Principle)
Filling Arm
The JUMBO is a non-articulated, side-rotating front filling arm that sucks up the slurry via a funnel to be connected to the storage tank or the ground. It is suitable for both in-ground and off-ground tanks. It is a reasonable investment to eliminate the often tedious task of coupling the pipes, especially when a heavy Ø 200 mm pipe is involved. The JUMBO can be equipped with a turbo-filler to speed up the filling sequence. The JUMBO is fitted at the front of the tank and can also suck on the left or right side of the tanker thanks to a simple and quick handling without any tools. The funnel head and the arm head are movable to ensure a permanent tightness of the coupling when pumping.