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Anti-Crash Safety

The JOSKIN spreading booms (except the BASIC range) are all fitted as standard with an anti-crash safety device that provides extra safety when working on uneven ground. Each boom wing is equipped with springs and joints which, when spreading on bumpy ground, retract the ends of the boom (max. 80 cm) if they come into contact with the ground. Since the wings are fitted at the end of oblong holes, they can pivot and their height can be adjusted.


The arable injectors ensure that the slurry is injected deep into the soil, while at the same time they loosen the ground. They are designed on the basis of a double-beam frame reinforced by radiant crosspieces. The main advantage of this assembly is that it focuses the strains of the implement on the tanker, which then transfers them to the tractor. The stress is therefore reduced and the tank is not subjected to distortion. The frame is modular for all models: wide models are manufactured on the basis of the 2.8 m models with extensions. Versions over 3 m wide are equipped with a double-acting hydraulic folding system with an anti-torsion safety stop. All these implements are fitted with a certified road lighting system.


The meadow injectors inject the slurry into the ground while minimising the damages to its cover. They are assembled on the basis of the same galvanised frame. This standardisation allows an interchangeability of the injection elements. These single-beam frames are made of special high tensile steel offering the best compromise between strength and lightness. The ultra-compact design of the injector and the folding system result in a very low overhang, which significantly reduces the stress on the rear of the slurry tanker.

All spreading booms are equipped with a hydraulic folding system, which has a negligible overhang and does not affect the driving of the tractor-trailer combination. During transport, the whole is secured by a boom clipping system with a height adjustment device and a craddle with a shock absorbing rubber. The hydraulic folding system includes the following elements: hydraulic safety device, locking of the boom wings during transport by means of interlocking brackets and hydraulic rams positioned diagonally instead of vertically to better hold the boom in position (reduction of the swinging movement). For a higher safety, when the boom is folded, the macerators face inwards in order not to protrude beyond the boom structure.

Each CARGO implement comes with 4 adjustable stands for an easy placement or removal when not in use.

The injector has two standard hitch systems: one for the rear of a slurry tanker with a 4-point linkage and one for the standard 3-point linkage of a tractor. In this way, it can be used as a simple stubble cultivator (without injecting slurry), or even with an umbilical system.


Models over 3 m wide are equipped with a double-acting hydraulic folding system in order to meet the required transport width. It should also be noted that this system is, in this case, equipped with the Lock-Matic© automatic locking device to make your road travel as safe as possible. This device is controlled by the same hydraulic function as the folding system, through steered valves.

Once the injector is folded, the elements on the upper arms are held in place by a locking system. A simple notch prevents them from rotating on their axis and falling back. The elements therefore remain very rigid with respect to the vibrations caused by transport.


The JOSKIN MULTITWIST multi-nozzle booms spread the slurry evenly over widths of 12 and 15 m. This spreading implement consists of two main pipes supported by two triangular frames. These main pipes feed half of the smaller vertical pipes on the boom, each of which is terminated by a splash plate. The slurry is then spread close to the ground, under the form of '“umbrella'' jets. It should be noted that an installation on the 4-point linkage as well as directly on the buttresses of the tank is possible with the Twist system.

Spreading Booms

JOSKIN booms offer the possibility of spreading over large widths and applying the slurry at the foot of the plants without soiling the leaves, which allows to greatly reduce nutrient losses, not slow down the plant growth and avoid slurry residue in the forage. Both models allow to choose between a simple application on the ground or injection. They however have a very similar design. The PENDISLIDE and PENDITWIST have a triangular structure articulated around a central frame and supporting line spreading hoses fixed at 25 or 30 cm intervals. Since they are fully galvanised, they are optimally protected and have a long service life.

The BASIC booms are above all characterised by their outstanding ease of use. This is evident from the moment they are fitted to the tanker: no linkage nor buttress is required. They have been designed to be fitted directly onto the rear manhole (Ø 600 mm), and can therefore easily equip both a new machine and an existing tanker. They are also characterised by their great autonomy. Thanks to their automaton directly connected to the tractor, they integrate as standard all the electrohydraulic equipment necessary for their operation. The numerous high-tech specifications, such as a SCALPER Vario vertical macerator, the Twist anti-drip system or the Lock-Matic hydraulic folding system, ensure a higher quality to these booms, enabling them to provide the operating comfort and spreading performance of a company machine. The BASIC booms fold into a “U” shape at the rear of the tanker.

Twist System

JOSKIN booms (except the BASIC range) are all equipped as standard with the (double acting) anti-drip lifting device with Twist system. This ensures a clean transport thanks to a complete rotation of the line hose ends, which prevents any loss of slurry on the road and in the field during manoeuvres. In addition to the anti-drip function, the Twist system has other advantages: it offers a low overhang and, as an option, allows spreading with an exact scatterer without having to remove the boom. The scatterer and two manual or hydraulic valves to isolate it just have to be added.


For a modular concept to be as practical as possible, it is essential that the basic implements can be placed/removed with little effort and in a minimum of time. Guides, which also act as a protections for the hydraulic rams of the hydraulic suspension, allow to place the implement on the chassis more easily. Implements are fixed to the chassis by means of 2 x 3 “Twist Locks” placed all along the chassis.

Umbilical System

The entire range of injectors can be used with an umbilical system (i.e. without a tank) since all implements can be fitted independently on our slurry tankers or on a specific support for the 3-point hitch of the tractor.