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Outer Accessories

As the tank of a slurry tanker needs to be cleaned regularly, JOSKIN offers various access solutions, including via the top of the machine, which is particularly useful when the rear of the tanker is not accessible because there is a spreading implement. Examples are the Ø 600 mm side or rear manhole with hook closure, the Ø 850 mm rear manhole on hinge, the full opening rear door, the upper manhole with hook closure or on hinge (Ø 520 mm or Ø 600 mm), etc.

Filling Accessories

An upper manhole (Ø 450 mm) with quick opening is part of the standard equipment. It allows an easy filling and cleaning of the tank.

A manual multi-position valve fixed at the inlet of the macerator allows a stepwise adjustment of the injected slurry dose (except with proportional flow).

In order to protect best the loaded material, a green cover can be supplied with supports, reel and access platform. This system is also available with a central cover support.

This cover rolls up around a long tube running from the front to the back of the body and rests on a structure of bolted arches. Elastic bands attached to the ends of the cover secure it on the body sides. This system provides a good sealing thanks to the support on the rear door, preventing as much water as possible from entering the body.

The manual roll-up cover for potatoes is an economical solution that is ideally suited for the transport of these goods. When the cover is rolled out, it rests freely on the heap of potatoes. The right side of the tipping trailer (or left side as an option) is then fitted with an extra extension (25 cm) in order to have a continuous slope and thus ensuring an easy rolling up/out. This assembly is available on machines with a set of 25-cm extensions. For even more versatility (other types of crop), arches are available as an option.

This cover rolls up around a long tube running from the front to the back of the body and rests on a structure of three bolted arches and two supports, one at the front and one at the back. Three ratchet straps attached to the side of the tipping trailer slide over the two supports and on the central arch, which allow to roll up and out the cover uniformly. This system provides a good sealing thanks to the support on the rear door, preventing as much water as possible from entering the body.

Manual Suction Valves
Pumping Accessories

JOSKIN uses four types of manual valves with quick coupling (with York valve) that differ in their diameter (6" or 8"), their type of jaw ("Perrot" or "Italy/Baroni") or their type of coupling for the suction pipe ("rocking" or "sliding"). The angled opening of the rocking jaw allows to easily place the hose in the coupling. The stronger mechanical design of the sliding jaw pushes the pipe flat against the neck, ensuring a better alignment of the coupling. All our manual valves are equipped with an air intake (York valve) as standard, which prevents the risk of slurry splashing when the suction hose is removed.

Manually Operated Openings
External Filling

A gravity filling allows the highest flows. The user can then choose the most appropriate pump type for the discharge. JOSKIN offers various systems that can be placed on top or at the back of the tank: 6” flat flanges (150 mm squares), 8” flat flanges (200 mm squares) or 10” flat flanges (250 mm squares) with a choice of locations, upper manholes with a 600 mm diameter (or 520 mm in some cases) with hook or hinge closure, 500 x 600 mm bolted flanges, etc.

Mechanical Bumper
Lighting and Safety

In most European countries and beyond, a rear bumper is mandatory for the registration of a vehicle or a coupled implement. Its primary purpose is to protect the road user who would hit you from behind. At JOSKIN, most vehicles and implements are equipped as standard with a rear bumper with European certification. Depending on the model, it can be welded or bolted, and in some cases are manually retractable.

For more simplicity and to avoid mixing oils, it is also possible to operate the moving floor mechanically via the P.T.O.-shaft at 1,000 rpm. This option is particularly interesting for agricultural cooperatives or contractors with multiple tractors, or in the case of rentals.

Metal Shares

As an option, it is possible to replace the standard synthetic shares of the line spreading booms with skids with cast iron models. These have the advantage of being more resistant to wear, especially on stony ground. However, they are heavier than ertalon skids and are more expensive.

Mixing in Closed Circuit

The possibility of mixing in a closed circuit is very useful with a relatively heavy slurry. The liquid propelled by the centrifugal pump is reinjected into the tank. This mixing method is very effective to get a homogeneous mixture quickly and easily.

Möscha Scatterer

The scatterer from the German manufacturer Möscha spreads the slurry with a continuous left/right pendulum movement. It ensures a "big drop" distribution at low pressure. Several variants (flow/width) are available.

Mountain Emptying System
Inner Accessories

The “special mountain” emptying system allows your tank to be emptied completely when working on a slope. To that end, an additional pipe is added to suck up the slurry from the opposite side of the discharge. It is therefore possible to empty your tank completely even when you are going downhill (with vacuum pumps) or uphill (with volumetric pumps - not available with STORM model).


Although not compulsory in all countries, mudguards are often an interesting feature to keep the vehicle clean at the running gear level and to protect other road users (as well as yourself) from projections from the wheels. JOSKIN mudguards have a modern design and usually cover the entire tyre tread. They are made of galvanised steel or light, ergonomic plastic.

For chassis like the Cargo2 or Cargo-Lift, aluminium mudguards covering the entire running gear are available. These are particularly interesting when you are driving your trailer on public roads without load.

Multifunctional Control Box
Management and Control

The multifunctional control box is the most ergonomic and efficient solution to easily operate the increasing number of hydraulic functions on modern agricultural machinery. With this installation, it is possible to feed from 2 to 14 hydraulic functions, by means of one single hydraulic distributor on the tractor via solenoid valves, which are controlled from a single control box in the tractor cab. This box is specific and custom-made: it has no "empty buttons" and only includes the configuration of your machine. Made of aluminium, it is robust. A special seal protects it against water and dust. In addition, it is fitted with a quick coupling for an easy disconnection and storage after use.


The JOSKIN MULTITWIST multi-nozzle booms spread the slurry evenly over widths of 12 and 15 m. This spreading implement consists of two main pipes supported by two triangular frames. These main pipes feed half of the smaller vertical pipes on the boom, each of which is terminated by a splash plate. The slurry is then spread close to the ground, under the form of '“umbrella'' jets. It should be noted that an installation on the 4-point linkage as well as directly on the buttresses of the tank is possible with the Twist system.