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grip and drive systems

grip and drive systems

As an option, it is possible to equip your vehicle with a load transfer system. In this case, a hydraulic ram is connected to the 3rd point of the tractor, as well as to a 3-point device on the machine. This hydraulic ram, together with a hydropneumatic drawbar suspension, is operated from the tractor cab. When activated, the ram rod pushes the tractor third point forward, increasing the load on the front axle. This gives the tractor more grip. The effect is somewhat comparable to that created by a front counterweight. This grip system is especially useful in difficult terrain conditions.

As standard on most vehicles with a Hydro-Tridem or Hydro-Pendul Tridem running gear, the front lifting axle can be an interesting option when driving on the road with an empty vehicle: less friction, and therefore less energy consumption and tyre wear. On double or triple-axle muck spreaders, the use of the first lifting axle when spreading automatically transfers more weight to the rear axle of the tractor, giving it more support and therefore a better traction. This option is operated from the in-cab control box.