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Equipment available

Dropside tipping trailers

Running Gear

Running Gear

JOSKIN running gears are designed to meet, in every situation and whatever the vehicle, the criteria of reliability, stability, comfort and safety both on roads and in the fields.

Single axle suspension
Single axle suspension

Single-axle vehicles are standard fitted with a fixed axle and can be fitted with a running gear suspension with parabolic leaves.

Roll-Over boggie (Trans-EX / Delta-CAP)

Thanks to their design, double-axle vehicles with Roll-Over bogie offer an extra suspension system of the wheels and a larger contact surface with the ground. The bogie is made up of 2 axles linked by parabolic leaves and fixed to the chassis by means of a central point. It makes it possible to counterbalance the ground unevenness (up to +/- 240 mm).

Thanks to the position of the cross-axis under the leaves and the upper position of the axles at the ends of the leaves, the drawline pushes the front axle over the obstacle. The traction power needed is therefore reduced. That is why this system is advised in case of intensive use on uneven ground.

JOSKIN assembles its own bogies, thereby offering personally adapted ones to suit to your vehicle. The distance between the leaves and the axle square are elements adaptable to each machine. Moreover, all JOSKIN boggies are bolted and adjustable.

Roll-Over boggie
Traditional Tandem with Rods (Tetra-SPACE)
Traditional Tandem with Rods

The traditional tandem with rods is an easy and efficient system for transportation. Its advantages are its low cost and its low center of gravity.

Revolving plate (Tetra-CAP / Tetra-SPACE)

The axle is mounted on a turntable (360°) and the trailer is therefore very easy to handle

Revolving plate