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ZAO "Chicken Factory Aksayskaya" (Russia)

ZAO "Chicken Factory Aksayskaya" <i>(Russia)</i>

Country: Russia
Company: Regional farm
Capacity: 550,000 chickens/year
Spread product: poultry manure
Machine: Tornado3 T6516/19BV
Tractor: Buhler VERSATILE 305 hp

ZAO "Chicken factory Aksayskaya" is a reference regional farm in the area of egg production. The capacity of this chicken factory is 550,000 chickens/year. Today, poultry farmers are wondering how to use organic waste. The solution is to correctly spread manure on the ground. This results in a higher output and ground fertility on the long run. ZAO "Chicken Factory Aksayskaya" has its own agricultural lands (part of ZAO "Agricultural Lands Aksayskaya") with an area of more than 6500 ha. Hen manure is intensively spread on them by Joskin machines. The main requirements regarding spreading at the time of the purchase were: liability, efficient crumbling, homogeneous spreading, flow regulation (which is important when spreading poultry manure), the good useful load/volume ratio and the easy maneuverability of the spreader. Given the chemical activity of poultry manure, the JOSKIN company proposed the galvanized Tornado3 T6515/19BV muck spreader with hydraulic axle suspension.

Today, 2015's results show that a tractor + JOSKIN spreader are as productive as the 4 machines that were previously used to spread.