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Zlobin Cergey Borisovitch (Russia)

Zlobin Cergey Borisovitch <i>(Russia)</i>

Country: Russia
Machine: Trans-Cap 6000/20
Quantity: 5000 t/year

On our farm, our objective was to find a solution to quickly transport the harvest from the fields to the storage place in order to optimize the transport costs and avoid the influence of bad weather conditions and ground unevenness. Our conditions were a compact vehicle and a sufficient loading capacity because during the harvest, it took too much time to unload large vehicles at the storage center. It was decided to transport "the gold" from Southern Russia with agricultural tipping trailers and a first Joskin Trans-Cap 6000-20 was bought. Even if the fields are sometimes far away from each other and even if the harvest time was shorter given bad weather conditions, the Joskin Trans-Cap 6000/20 has transported 5000 t of agricultural products during the year 2015.

This machine was not only used to perfectly transport the matter but also to fill the seeders in a very short delay, thanks to the option "unloading auger", when the 1300 ha of lands had to be sowed.

Picture of Maxime Svechkar