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Vital Laschet (Belgium)

Vital Laschet <i>(Belgium)</i>

V. Laschet: 120 ha meadows, 100 ha maize, 450 cows, 1 biogas station

The Vital Lashet company invested 4 years ago in a Cargo chassis fitted with a 26,000 l tanker and a Silo-Space. Vital is delighted: it only takes 30 minutes to the 2 workers to change the implements (usually before and after the maize harvest). He is happy with his choice and he did not hesitate long; the other brands were way more expensive. He saved money on the purchase of the chassis, not only thanks to its multipurpose character, but he also has the same advantages as with other machines: the very handful lifting axle in humid conditions, the higher lifting capacities, a tanker filled in max. 3 minutes, brakes and axles of an excellent quality, etc. Despite an intensive use (the tanker drives almost 4 months per year and the silage trailer more than 2 months), he is sure he bought for the long run.