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Derks (The Netherlands)

Derks <i>(The Netherlands)</i>

The family business Derks, located in the West of the Netherlands, is a loyal customer of JOSKIN. We wanted to know what was their opinion about the JOSKIN triple-axle container system.

1. What is the company's activity? How many people are working there?
We work for 60% in the agriculture and for 40% in the construction, with 7 employees.

2. What does your JOSKIN machine park include?
In August 2015, we bought a JOSKIN Cargo-LIFT CLX hook-lift system of 6.80 m with Mitas 650/55R26.5 wheels that we are using for construction and silage works (maize and grass) as wells as for the transport of grains. We also own a JOSKIN Scariflex of 7.20 m fitted with a pneumatic seeder with GPS control, as well as 2 older JOSKIN machines (2 Silo-Space 20/40 of 2004) that are still perfectly suited for work.

3. What's your impression of the Cargo-LIFT? Are you happy with it?
We are so happy with it that we're planning to buy new JOSKIN machines! Before this purchase, we were hesitating between a renown German manufacturer and JOSKIN. But the JOSKIN model had more pump capacity and a higher speed of use. It was also easier to operate. Our good past experiences with JOSKIN and the efficient and tested tyres remote inflating control tipped the balance in JOSKIN's favour. Furthermore, the price was very competitive.

4. What are the strong/weak points of the Cargo-LIFT?
Regarding the strong points, we can mention its ease of use, its possibility to drive with a 200 HP tractor and its versatility. Regarding the weak points, we only have one little thing to say: a better indication of the functions on the control box would be necessary.

5. Would you recommend this purchase to a colleague?
Of course!

6. What do you think of JOSKIN?
Joskin is big brand ensuring the quality throughout the years of its series-manufactured products, which further improves their value. The regional dealer Abemec delivered the machine correctly and keeps ensuring a quality service and follow-up. Finally, the representatives Ronald van Mil (Abemec) and Kevin Ulenaers (Joskin) focused on the strong points in order to convince us of the purchase of the Joskin machine. One thing is certain: they know their products!