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Grass harrow fitted with a seeder

It is advised to maintain your meadows with an aerator in the beginning of the season and shortly after the end of grazing.

Harrowing means:

• aerating the ground properly as well as increasing nitrification to the detriment of acidification;
• making the ground easy to penetrate for rain water and air;
• destroying moss and other weed;
• distributing farm manure and making it easier to decompose, thereby increasing its fertilizing value.

Furthermore is it possible to fit your aerator with an electric or pneumatic seeder.

1. The electric rotoseeder spreads the seeds by means of a rotary disc directly located under the tank.
2. The pneumatic seeder distributes the seeds in an air flow by means of a distributor. Grains are then sent through pipes on splash plates, which are positioned before the flexible tines.