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Silo-Space 2 the new generation of JOSKIN silage trailers - Available soon

The Belgian manufacturer of transport trailers and slurry tankers completely revised its long-standing successful Silo-SPACE model series and is going to exhibit the bright new model with its new designation – Silo-SPACE 2 – for the first time at Agritechnica.

The new body is made of a self-supporting structure instead of the double frame construction as it is mounted on the last model. Thus, the running gear and the drawbar are directly attached to the box.

This feature, in addition to the lowered chassis, reduces the weight and increases the body's height of

200 mm. Therefore, it increases the transport volume.

It will also be easier to dismantle the whole body so that the Silo-SPACE 2 can be sent in containers to overseas markets such as North and South America or New Zealand and Australia.

The body, with its conical shape, will continue to taper backwards over 4 cm across the entire width.

The JOSKIN engineers also completely redesigned the front wall of the new Silo-SPACE 2. It has now a slope of 22° relative to the tractor instead of 10° before. A higher useful volume is therefore available. The front wall can fold back in order to optimize the unloading. The front wall is 160 mm higher than the basic body.

After a certain time during the unloading operation, the insert can be hydraulically folded backwards (on the tractor side) and thus throws material accumulated in the slope backwards.

The front wall is now painted and perforated instead of being galvanized. In addition to the uniform aspect, the advantage is that the driver is no longer blinded by the reflecting working lights.

The Silo-SPACE 2 will be standard equipped with hydraulic suspension for all models.

The JOSKIN hydraulic running gears, consisting of closed hydraulic circuits on both sides, offer a high level of stability.

A hydraulic suspension remains rigid because you can not compress the oil. Thus, it does not spring in contrast to leaf or air suspension. It also emphasizes the good pendulum effect between the first and second axle.

The axle can go up by 12.5 cm, while the rear axle goes downwards. In the event of leaf springs or air suspension, the effect is delayed and it requires a higher pulling force.

The drawbar is leaf-sprung, but can be hydraulic as an option. The drawbar is slightly bent and enclosed in a frame under the box. This makes the hitching even more compact with the tractor, but it retains its high maneuverability.

The moving floor is divided into 2 on the long side and is mechanically PTO-driven. The unloading speed will be 25% higher (20 m/min.) than the previous Silo-SPACE model.