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Strength of Experience

Last week, the well-known Belgian manufacturer of agricultural trailers, JOSKIN, was celebrating its first 50 years of existence. On this occasion, the Group gathered in its head office in Soumagne its entire international dealer network. In total, there were no less than 470 people present, among whom 95 agricultural journalists and staff members of 160 dealerships from more than 27 different countries. During this 2-day event (7th and 8th November), the brand was offering to its guests a factory tour, an official speech from the management, a press conference, but also a gala evening as well as various workshops presenting the brand-new technical IT-platform we developed, its brand-new sales app or the affiliate JOSKIN marketing with its dealers. 3 other workshops were also scheduled and were devoted to the various product novelties in the range: the new Silo-SPACE 2, the novelties on the muck spreaders and the new, recently developed spreading implements.

Next to this attractive and apparently well appreciated programme, the company, true to its reputation, had planned something rather astonishing: a challenge. It was rather original, even crazy, since the aim was to lift a triple-axle Euroliner slurry tanker of almost 12 tons with muscle power only! It was however not without reason. An entire symbolism was hidden behind this unexpected idea. Celebrating its first half century of existence, JOSKIN considers indeed that the success of its brand lies in the strength of its experience but also in the strength of its distribution network and of staff members who have been for all this time particularly attached to their company. The aim was to prove it in a symbolic way with a challenge that many thought was impossible. 

Strength of Experience

During the preparations, 120 staff members made a first trial with a 4,800 kg Modulo2 tanker. This challenge was a first success. The aim was therefore to do better. For D-day, a Euroliner of almost 12 tons was chosen. Even if this was a significant challenge, 330 particularly motivated dealers immediately offered their service to take it up. After some safety rules, all observed the Belgian motto, dear to the group, “Unity makes strength”, and started to pull as a single man. Immediately and under a particularly blue sky making the work of many journalists easier in order to seize the moment, the result became apparent: looking weightless, the Euroliner took off in one leap to then hang one meter above the floor under the proud look of the participants and organizers. The new record holders then hurried to pose for posterity with a message symbolizing their achievement: “Strength of experience”, before being encircled by a parade of tractors forming the number 50.

The event then ended up over a drink before all protagonists took their plane to go back to their respective countries. The remaining JOSKIN staff members then pursued the preparation of the following days: a similar event gathering almost 900 suppliers and partners on the day after and followed, two days later, by the traditional yearly staff party, which was going to gather almost 500 people.

The week was clearly festive, but it also was a first-hand showcase for the company. According to the many “I can’t wait for the 60th anniversary!” we have heard on the occasion, JOSKIN has indeed once more succeeded into proving the extent of its experience!