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Joskin - the Strength of the Image

Since its creation, the Joskin company always could distinguish itself from the competitors thanks to its strong and omnipresent image. Whether with the modern and contemporary design of its machines, the wide range of toys, or its wide catalogue of clothes, professional accessories and marketing items of all kinds, there are many examples of the JOSKIN brand’s sales success for the last 50 years.

The results in the new media and other social media can only confirm this trend: 50,000 visitors a month on the website representing more than 45 countries throughout the world, and more than 105,000 fans on the official Joskin Facebook page!

This success also relies on JOSKIN’s capacity to offer rich and varied marketing supports: constantly updated complete folders, didactic purchase guides, a regular presence in the best magazines, dynamical and targeted campaigns, all this accompanied by objects that are entirely dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of the brand, as well as to the association of its name with the first-class partners.

In the era of the digitalisation and high-speed communication, the brand has indeed understood that asserting and consolidating its position of leader in the transport and spreading area had to be a priority and that it could not be done without an efficient diffusion of the message of quality, seriousness, professionalism and longevity of the machines from its range.

With such a vision and such a marketing activity, the company is sure to meet you in 2068 to celebrate with us its 100 years of success!