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Purchase guide

Even if it is very efficient, a machine will not be able to show its full potential if it is not used as it should be. In these conditions, finding the implement or machine that can cover all your needs is not easy. It is moreover said that every need is by nature specific, contextualised and might sometimes be difficult to acknowledge. Furthermore, the over-abundance of supply on the market does not help.

In order to choose well, a true preliminary work is necessary to collect information. One should not underestimate the importance of making the right choices to avoid unpleasant consequences.

The JOSKIN group understood these challenges and addressed them. Since it is committed to provide the agricultural world with efficient and profitable machines to all, it has decided to make purchase guides available to its customers. These guides aim at clearly identifying customers’ needs in order to automatically match them with the solutions offered by JOSKIN.

For a few months now, a first purchase guide for the meadow aerators has been put on line on the Joskin website. Here is the link:

Thanks to guide’s organised and didactic layout, it allows the user to easily compare the conditions on his farm with the specifications of the various products of the Joskin range. The user then has to answer a few multiple-choice questions to be sure he chooses the right equipment to suit his needs. Depending on the different answers, the guide will present the matched product.s and refer to the product page in order to get more information to potentially confirm his choice.

Already much appreciated by the users, this initiative is currently being applied to other machines. Purchase guides for rotary pasture toppers, choppers, water bowsers and livestock trailers are in preparation and should (very) shortly be available on the platform. Over time, these very practical guides will of course be available for the entire range. Thanks to this approach, the group intends to improve the work of agricultural professionals and to enable them to make profitable investments to benefit from Joskin’s products quality.