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10 Tetra-CAP sold to Mamminger in Serbia

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Our partner KITE d.o.o. has sold 10 Tetra-CAP trailers to the serbian company Mamminger, one of the biggest actors in the agri-food industry.

Mamminger is a company specialized in vegetables in glass jars. It collaborates for a long time with serbian producers of cucumbers and pickles ; Mamminger buys their vegetables and then transport them toward Germany for the canning process.

Mamminger was established in Serbia 6 years ago. They rent 65ha of land to grow their vegetables and also decided to build up a new canning factory.

« Our goal, as well as the one of our partners, is to harvest about 15 000 tons per season (3-4 months) in Serbia with the aim of producing between 10 and 15 millions of jars per year » explains M. Ugrinaj, director of the Serbian factory.

« We sort cumcumbers out 7 different classes. Then we transport them to Germany by refrigerating truck or we put them directly in jars here, in Serbia »

The company Mamminger has a really good contact with KITE d.o.o. ; this is why they chose to buy 10 JOSKIN Tetra-CAP trailers. They are used during the harvest of cucumbers then for the transport to the factory.

We wish them lots of cucumbers for the future !