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The proof of 9!

The new Joskin Betimax livestock-fences are aimed at the comfort and safety of livestock… and the farmer!

Comfort and safety of the livestock are a farmer’s primary concern, and so also for his livestock trailer. This is the reason why the floor of the JOSKIN Betimax livestock trailers are covered in a soft 3-component resin, have rear doors that open throughout the full width of the body, have wheel cases with rounded edges, and, on the RDS model, a shock absorbing drawbar and a reclining system. Even the colour of the livestock trailer is designed with this in mind: an adapted meadow green for the R ramp model, and soothing gray from the galvanization for the RDS range.

Guiding the animals without hurting, or scaring them is another essential aspect of the comfort and safety of livestock trailers. Taking advantage of the Betimax revision to adapt them to European standards (and imposed confinement), JOSKIN has improved and completed its range of external fences for channeling livestock without forgetting the comfort and safety of the farmer.

3 requirements of the design were imposed by our developers: first, a simple, quick and easy operation. Secondly, transport according to the authorised road standards (max. 2,55 m), and third, the possibility of mounting on all JOSKIN livestock trailers for many years to come.

The result: whatever the type of JOSKIN Betimax livestock trailer, even on an existing machine, the farmer may equip it with a set of simple, safe and secure fences, from a choice of 3 innovative models.

The “articulated fences” are a simple and basic solution based on a solid structure made up of square profiles. Fixed on hinges at the rear end of the livestock trailer, these open by pivoting up to 190 º. They are available in lengths of 3.50, and 4.50 m.

The round tube structure of the “telescopic fences” is 2.0 m long during transport and extend to 3.60 m, with automatic locking in both positions. It folds either in the folder on the back of the body (for tight spaces like a barn entrance), or by hang it along the livestock trailer, resulting in a very wide opening freedom of 270 º!

Finally, “articulated fences on rails” represent the most flexible solution. Secured on a large rail fixed to the body wall, they are pulled in a progressive and linear manner, also facilitating handling in narrow places. The rolling carriage is provided with a hinge which also makes it possible to pivot the barrier over 150 º in any position of the rail. Available in the length of 3.50 m, you can also have them in 4.50 m for 6 m, 7.50 m and 9 m long bodies. All of them are fitted with a lower sliding segment to spare the wheel case mudguard.

The JOSKIN fences share 3 crucial strenghts:

- First, self-supporting balanced with the help of an adjustable upper spring, facilitating both operator handling and relieving the wear out of the barrier hinges;

- next, the flexibility of adaption playing with the irregularities of the ground in all positions thanks to the arched oscillation sector;

- finally, compact transport with an authorized size of 2.55 m, where the fences are secured by bolt- and anti-noise stops to prevent stress for the breeder and his livestock.

There are of course the traditional advantages “Made by JOSKIN”, including a fair price-performance ratio, the JOSKIN 3-year extended warranty, and especially the in-house galvanization. The finish of which reassures the comfort and safety of the livestock trailer. And so both the breeder and his cattle benefit from these advantages.

3 design requirements, 3 innovative models, and 3 crucial strengths: this demonstrates the benefits of the JOSKIN livestock trailers. JOSKIN fences are available in kit to be assembled by hand together with assembly instructions.